Easthope greenery

We’re walking from the National Trust car park at Presthope, through the fields to Easthope and back along the old railway track. There was a “halt” at Easthope, just by the bridge – but we never had a chance to ride on this line. It closed to passengers in the early 1950s; freight from Longville ended in 1964.

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Last of the Early Purple

Weds. 24 May: the month seems to have passed by rather quickly. We’ve usually been up to the Wenlock Edge by now, to see how the orchids are doing. But we’ve left it late – they’re not doing, they’re done, more-or-less. There are usually lots on the hillside amongst the bluebells, which are history now, though there are still one or two orchid stragglers – late early purple, perhaps. Orchids or not, it’s a perfect May afternoon.

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Edging along

Friday afternoon: a walk on the Wenlock edge. Starting from the car park by the Hughley turn, we’ll walk towards Wenlock along the very pleasant woodland path, below the edge, and return along the crest, above the woods and the old quarry workings. The weather’s getting warmer, and the butterflies are sunning themselves.

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Fog’s gone: the edge in January

The morning’s fog dispersed, as instructed by the Met Office, to leave a clear blue sky – perhaps the last we’ll get for a week or so? Better get out there and enjoy it – Aston Munslow and the Wenlock Edge could be good. It’s not especially elevated ground here, just over 1000′ at the highest point, but it feels like the top of the world. Must be the rarefied atmosphere!


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A walk from Wenlock

We’ve taken the no 18 to Much Wenlock – it’s a double decker, so we’re in the front seats at the top – and we’re walking home again. We’ve had a succession of dull, grey, cold and murky days, so today’s wall-to-wall sunshine is especially welcome. It’s wet underfoot in places, but it’s great to be out in the fresh air on a perfect January afternoon.


Back to Bannister’s

We walked to Bannister’s Coppice in the autumn, on a beautiful golden day; today’s dull and colourless, but I need a leg-stretch. Perhaps, like last time, I’ll see deer? Perhaps not. If nothing else, I can check the existence of a footpath, not shown on the OS map, which will avoid muddy fields on the return leg. Yes, it’s there, winding through the trees – the views are better too, looking back along the Wenlock Edge, with the village of Homer prominent in the middle distance. By now the afternoon is getting late – the light’s gone. Time for home.


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The Speller

This little corner of the Hopedale woodlands, between the Wenlock Edges, sounds almost other-worldly, doesn’t it? Its spell was certainly cast yesterday afternoon – our intended circular walk became an out-and-back, with wiggles. Blame cows, non-existent paths, forestry workers… We’ll try again another day – in the meantime, given that we weren’t entirely on rights-of-way (‘cos they weren’t there), we’ll make do with a few photos (it was a beautiful afternoon) and an OS map to show where we were.

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September fields

A short wander near Wenlock, out to the old farm at Perkley and back beside the former railway line. The harvest is mostly finished, the toadstools are popping up and the blackberries are juicy…

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This Elizabethan manor house in the Wenlock Edge’s Hope Dale, is a National Trust property – and a youth hostel. The steel-framed bunk beds may look incongruous in these timber-framed rooms, but it must be a great place to stay. We’re just passing, however – an hour is sufficient to explore the rambling and disorientating building, truly a 3D maze. Outside the house, Hope Dale is unbelievably quiet, and very green.

Wilderhope Manor YHA
Wilderhope Manor NT

Back to the Munslows

A pleasant five-mile stroll in a quiet part of the Wenlock Edge – and once we’re away from the road, it really is quiet. The birds are singing, but that doesn’t count as noise, and the only other sound, as we approach the highest parts, is the gentle rustling of a very light breeze in the trees. It’s clear too – the Black Mountains stand out to the south-west. At home, the grass needs cutting, but it will have to wait…

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