Kites above the Devil’s Chair

They must have thought as we did – that it was a perfect day for the hills, almost too good for mid-March. A cloudless sky, warm sunshine, cool air and the lightest of breezes – much better than mid-summer. Fewer people about, but at least four red kites. First there was one on his (or her) own, then another, then a pair, hurrying away to the north – and moments later, another pair circling to our south. The alpacas and llamas were enjoying the sun too. This is south Shropshire, isn’t it? It’s hard to be sure sometimes.

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Spring on the Stiperstones

A colourful day! Blue sky, with white puffy clouds. Red kites, a red grouse (who suggested we should go back), brilliant yellow gorse, brown (and white) sheep. And to follow all that, a trip to the Bog Centre for tea and cakes (we felt we’d earned them)

The Bog Visitor Centre

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