Bluebell wood

They were just beginning to come into bloom last time we walked this way, just a fortnight ago – we thought a check was in order. They’re not at their best yet, but coming along nicely. The sunshine was warm enough to persuade an orange tip butterfly to pose for us – but only for one photo…

Walking back from Wenlock

It’s become a good standby – bus to Much Wenlock, walk back. We might have gone further afield, but the weather forecast wasn’t great (so, inevitably, the weather was better than we expected). Spring flowers are beginning to appear in the hedgerows, there are spring lambs in the fields, and it’s warmer than it’s been for a while. There’s only one downside – the tea room at Benthall Hall isn’t open on Mondays…

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Benthall and Wyke

Wandering under a clear blue sky – a perfect January day, though it didn’t quite go according to plan, and a full day’s walk further afield became an afternoon’s local walk. There’s colour in the sunshine, and a surprising amount of green.

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Two sunny afternoons

They’re too good to waste! Bright sunshine, fluffy clouds, not too warm – ideal for wandering.

Wednesday: To Benthall Edge and Hall (tea and cake)

Thursday: Long Mynd. A route we’ve done many times, starting from the Cardingmill valley and ascending via the Lightspout (hoardes of schoolchildren – it’s peak field trip season). Beyond the waterfall it’s quiet – just the sheep and the hill ponies to accompany us to Pole Bank. We return along the ridge to Townbrook Valley, a pleasant path to take us back to the start.


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Past their best…

…the bluebells, that is. We’re wandering on a sunny afternoon, with the bluebell wood as an objective – probably this year’s last visit.

Walking from Wenlock to Broseley

Tea and cake at Benthall Hall…

We’ve done it before, but last time, the Hall was only open at weekends. Now, it’s open (March to October – closed in the winter) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays too. There’s a tea room, with some tables and seats outside – and it’s just nicely half-way on this walk – perfect!

There are only four buses each day, but the Arriva no. 88 service is ideal for this one (and there’s entertainment value in the negotiation of some of Broseley’s narrower streets, where “anywhere” is the rule for car parking).

There are several possible routes from Benthall Hall to Broseley; most involve field paths and tracks before walking through the streets. On this occasion, we walked down surfaced lanes, to enter Broseley by the “Fiery Fields”.

NOTE for tea drinkers: the tea room is inside the hall, which would require payment of an admission charge; the outside area is not accessible though the hall, but whether one should pay, I’m not sure – we’re members anyway. The Hall is well worth a visit – but muddy feet (and ours were) would not be appreciated…

Bus timetable | Benthall Hall NT

Benthall Edge

A short wander from the car park at Benthall Hall.

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