After lunch…

We’ve walked to Ironbridge (easy – downhill!) for lunch. Now we have to pay for it – with a most enjoyable walk back up through the woods and across the fields. It was supposed to be overcast today, but the weather wasn’t paying attention to any forecasts.

Benthall Buttercups

It’s a beautiful afternoon – too good to stay at home, too warm to walk far in the sunshine. If we leave the car at Benthall Hall we can do a circular walk, much of it in the very pleasant woodlands of Benthall Edge and nearby. It’s lovely down in the woods today, as the song goes, but we must leave them to walk back through the fields towards the car – fields full of buttercups, yellow in all directions.

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Out to lunch

Thursday: another fine day. “Let’s walk down to Ironbridge for lunch”. Sounds a good idea to me – and we can walk it off again on the way back – it’s uphill all the way, and a longer route… Very pleasant (the lunch and the walk) – perfect!

Hazy day

The sun came out after lunch, but the day remained hazy. We’re walking through quiet back-roads, woodland and farm lanes, to Benthall Hall. It’s far enough to feel we’ve earned our tea and cakes – and far enough home again to walk them off…

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