Walled garden, snowdrops, deer

Attingham Park, in other words – walking out through the walled garden and the snowdrop woods, then around the perimeter of the park, along the path which passes through the deer sanctuary. Those in charge are keeping a wary eye on us, though they don’t seem worried.

Attingham Park NT

A cold afternoon

Murky too! Not a day for the hills, and it’s wet underfoot. The paths at Attingham Park are well-maintained – we can get a leg-stretch there. Many others have had a similar idea, though they’ve thinned out considerably by the time we reach the far perimeter. There are some attractive reflections in the Tern, and there’s some wonderful bracket fungus on a tree near the entrance. It’s still there when we return…

Attingham Park NT


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Pumpkin time

We’re having a wander around Attingham Park. It’s dry and bright this afternoon (though breezy and chilly), and there’s a wonderful crop of pumpkins (some of them bearing messages) in the walled garden. There’s a rather fine colony of little pale toadstools on a stump in the woods, not to mention a large wooden frog.

Attingham Park NT

The Walled Garden

Too warm for anything very energetic… A wander around Attingham Park, focusing on the colour in the walled garden.

Attingham Park NT

A last look

The morning’s sun has gone, but it’s a fine afternoon at Attingham, where we’re taking a last look at the snowdrops – their season is nearly past.  We’ll look at the deer too – and unexpected nuthatches by the hide, who are quite reluctant to pose for the camera…

Attingham Park NT

Snowdrops and floods

The one seems to accompany the other – we’ve been to Attingham on previous occasions, to see the floral display and to find the river Tern resembling a lake, backing up from the nearby Severn. It’s a pleasant spot for a cold afternoon, and though the morning’s sunshine has gone, there’s barely a breeze – the water’s like a mirror. There are post-stroll tea and cakes too…

Attingham Park NT

Attingham on a sunny afternoon

A sunny afternoon (especially after a wet night and morning) is too good to waste at this time of year! We’ll have a walk around Attingham Park – the footpaths shouldn’t be too bad there, and the longest route is a reasonable leg-stretch. We can say hello to the crocodile* in the far pool (he wasn’t there! Where’s he gone? Warmer climes perhaps)…

*see “Snowdropping”  Feb 2015

Attingham Park NT

Walled Garden

Scenes from the walled garden at Attingham Park (and a walk around the park afterwards).

Attingham Park NT

Afternoon at Attingham

Friday – first “ordinary” day of the new year. Attingham’s always good for a gentle stroll, and it shouldn’t be too bad underfoot. We might see the deer too… They were anticipating their lunch as we passed, but rather than hang around, we wandered on around the perimeter of the parkland on the east bank of the Tern, getting back to the car a little before sunset.

A fall of snow(drops)

A dry afternoon, with some sunshine forecast – “let’s have a walk around Attingham Park, the snowdrops should be good”. Which they were, of course – like a fall of snow in places, the ground almost white over. The sun wasn’t at its most cooperative – why is the most spectacular burst of sunshine the one when you’re in the car, ready to drive home? The translucent Judas ear fungus is edible, apparently; it doesn’t look too appetising. Think I’ll give it a miss.
The deer were grazing in the deer park – see video clip (below)

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