First train to Tweedbank

TweedbankSunday 6th September: the 9.11am from Waverley, the first public train to Galashiels for more than 46 years (and the first public train ever to Tweedbank). Yes, I made it – and what a pleasant trip it was too, on this fine sunny morning.

Next stop Hawick?

Borders Railway

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  1. Graham Daly

     /  07 Sep 2015

    Congratulations Geoff on being one of the people who rode the line on it’s last day in 1969 and have travelled to Galashields (and a bit beyond) on the first day in 2015. There can’t be many of you – it’s an achievement of some distinction.

    • Thanks Graham – I had to be there, hadn’t I? Come to think of it, if the age profile of those travelling on my train is anything to go by, most of my fellow passengers had also ridden on the line before…
      I hope that, one day, I’ll be able to ride between Tweedbank and Hawick; I suspect Hawick to Carlisle is an impossible dream

  2. Graham Daly

     /  10 Sep 2015

    Yes expect the politicians in Hawick will be giving Nicola Sturgeon plenty of earache to get the line extended ! Hopefully the momentum achieved by the successful reopening to Tweedbank can be maintained to make the next 20 plus miles to Hawick a reality in the not too distant future !


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